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Street Drugs



The Gargoyle drug

Many people used the drug 'Jazz' (Lone Star sourcebook). But the permanent effects made it hard to keep using. A mercenary with time on his hands had a hobby of experimenting with drugs. He used the drug Jazz as his base. Over a period of time, he made what he called 'The Gargoyle drug,' obviously, after himself. After inhaled, the drug works right away.

Addiction: 4MP

Tolerance: 2

Strength: 4

Price: 1000Y/dose

Availability: 10/5 days

During the high, the character experiences increased attributes:

Duration of high: (20 + 1D6 * 5) minutes (25 to 50 min)

Increased initiative: + 1D6

Increased strength: + 2

Increased reaction: + 3

Increased quickness: + 4

Increased intelligence: - 2 (minimum intelligence is 1)

After the high, the character crashes. He must resist a 10L stun, and if he can't, then one box is filled in (mental damage) for 1d6 hours.

Duration of crash: One to six hours

Decreased initiative: -1D6

Decreased strength: - 1

Decreased quickness: - 2

Decreased reaction: - 2

By taking another dose, the character may delay the affects of the crash for another 20 to 50 minutes. The character may do this several times, but the resulting crash is doubled for every extra dose taken. If the crash causes any one attribute to drop below zero, the character loses consciousness for 2d6 hours and loses a point in that attribute unless he is given extensive medical care in less than one hour. Extensive medical care is either a Heal/Treat spell at deadly with a plus 2 target number, or intensive care in a hospital. Be chummer attempted to put the crash off indefinately. He went insane from lack of sleep and died when he did come down.



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