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Umbra's Guide to Paranormal 'Life'



Void Elemental

Created by Dark One (Hermetic Mage of the Order of Earth Elementals)---{Ronald Gibbs}

Anima hermetica

Appearance --- A void spirit appears as a black amorphous shape.

Powers --- Binding, Blindness (sustained with no drain), Cold Aura, Darkness, Engulf, Essence Drain, Manifestation, Silence.

Weaknesses --- Allergy (Sunlight, Extreme), Vulnerability (Sunlight)


Name Body Quick Str Cha Int Will Ess React Attacks

Void F+5 (F+3)x2 F-1 F F F (F)A F Special, 6S


Notes :

The Special Attack is the Void Elemental first Binds itself to its victim, the binding causes Blindness, Darkness (covering the victim, since the elemental itself is pitch black), Silence (the elemental is totally silent itself). The next Action it will Engulf (victim must roll willpower vs a (Force)Deadly mental attack and a Cold Aura attack, and if victim did not resist the Engulf an Essence Drain attack with the Essence received adding to its force.

Needless to say that very few magi in their right mind would ever conjure this menace, thus there few free void elementals. Free Void Elements tend to "die" after Force/Spirit (lower of the two) rating in days. If the free elemental has a Host body (the elemental can only bind to one) the elemental is banished in Host body Essence + Force/Spirit (lower of the two) days, killing the host. If the free elemental has a Hidden Life the elemental will reappear for Force/Spirit (lower of the two) days. Free Void Elements are drawn toward chaotic situations, (Protests, Gang fights, etc) like moths to a flame.



Storm Wolf

Body 5

Quickness 9 x 4

Strength 6

Charisma 4

Intelligence 3 (6)

Willpower 5

Essence 6

Magic: Innate

Reaction 17

Initiative 1d6

Combat Pool 10d6


Concealment (Self Only), Storm Call

Storm Wolves are permanently manifested nature spirits. They are as intelligent as an average human. Shamans may attempt to conjure Storm Wolves, but they will only show up if there is a nearby pack. Even if they do come to the shaman's call, they are not controlled or bound by the shaman and will do as they wish.

Storm Wolves have innate magic allowing them to conceal themselves in any natural surroundings, and to call storms.

Calling a storm is done by rolling the pack's aggregate magic attribute (six times the number of wolves in the pack) at a target number of twelve. The storm will arrive in sixty minutes divided by the number of successes from the storm call test. The storm will cover an area of ten thousand square meters per pack member. Severity of the storm is directly proportional to the pack's successes in the storm call test, and should be adjudicated by the GM.

Storm Wolves gain a one point bonus to all target numbers while in a storm. Visibility, wind, and other factors may adversely affect others caught in the storm at the GM's discretion.



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