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Magical Orders



Ordos de Diluculo Aureus


Individual Strictures:

Attendance Required biannually

On the shortest day of the year at one of the headquarter locations

On the longest day of the year the full membership meets in Seattle



Group Strictures:

Material Link

Extended Membership


"By the blood I now shed, I _____ swear to preserve the health and secrecy of the Ordos de Diluculo Aureus and my fellow members."


5000Y and 3 good karma to join

500Y per month

1 good karma per year

High Resources include:

Hermetic Library rating 11

Shamanic Library rating 8

Ritual Materials at 25% off

Standard Nonmilitary Weapons and Equipment at 15% off

Most Nonstandard items are available at cost through other group members

Ritual Space

Indoor - Rating 10

Outdoor - Rating 16

High Living Quarters at additional 4500Y per month if available

Headquarters located in Seattle, New York, and Denver

Safe houses

Four in Seattle

Two in Denver

Three in New York

One each in Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Portland, and Merida (Aztlan)

Guest Houses if available

Quickened spells – requires karma, material cost, and a favor to the mage

Loan of vehicle at any of the three headquarter locations

Dojos and Firing Ranges

Skill training

Combat training

PhysAd and magical training

Contact with a first rate shadow doc named Slicer

Initiation Ceremony

The following initiation ceremony is required within three months of joining the Order. Details on the safe houses and headquarters of cities other than the one sponsoring you will not be available till after the ceremony has been completed.

The initiation ceremony is completed inside a warded building. Would be initiates are brought into either a medicine lodge or a hermetic circle and placed kneeling on a white silk cloth at the apex of a triangle in the center of a pentagram. The initiate’s sponsor and guide kneel at the other corners of the triangle. The initiate is told to meditate.

All once the sponsor and guide have reached the plane of fire, the initiate is gated there also. When the supplicant opens his eyes, the triangle, pentagram and circle have become walls of heatless flame. The supplicant then accepts a firey knife from his sponsor and slices his palm while repeating the oath. All three then return to the physical world. The white silk cloth is then used to wipe the blood from the supplicant’s palm and is then sealed in an orichalcum container.

The cut on the palm scars when it heals.

Initiates with the Psychometry skill may notice broken oaths in a member’s aura, even if that member is not magically active.



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